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Beginner Macrame Must Haves

As a beginner Macrame Artist myself, I felt that I could give a good and very basic list of Beginner Macrame Must Haves. I will add to the list as time goes on I’m sure. This is a beginner list that will allow you to make a variety of projects with minimal upfront costs.

Macrame Must Haves
Macrame Wall Hanging Plant Holder
In this piece I have used 3 ply twisted cord, a stick and a mason jar. Very minimal costs with a beautiful outcome.

Beginner Macrame Must Haves


Of course you’ll need rope of some kind. Honestly, one of the hardest choices I have had to make so far I think is, what type of rope do I use for certain projects. So just some basics to get you started would be the following 3 basic types.

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Single Twist Cotton Rope

I really like this single twist 4mm Cotton Rope. It wasn’t too expensive and I was able to complete an entire wall hanging with it. This rope was also very easy to brush out into fringe.

Beginner Macrame Must Haves
Macrame Wall Hanging
Macrame Banner
This piece was created with 4MM single twist cotton rope. By Far my favorite type of rope to create wall hangings with.

3 Ply Rope

3 ply rope is great for heavy duty projects like hanging plants and rugs. It can also give a great crinkle look to your projects when it is untwisted. Some 3 ply rope can easily be brushed out into a beautiful fringe, however so are more tightly twisted making them heavy duty and not really made to be brushed.

Beginner Macrame Must Haves Infinity Knot Macrame Wall Hanging

Braided Rope

Braided rope will give your project a unique look, while also being very sturdy. With this rope you won’t want to plan to use it to make an unraveled fringe. I prefer it for more minimalist designs.

Macrame Wall Hanging
Macrame Beginner Must Haves
I used some super bulky textured yarn for the weaving and fringe on this piece


A good pair of sharp scissors can be so handy for all macrame projects. I tried to use the same scissors I do for crochet and they just didn’t work well. They keep needing to be sharpened and were way to small for cutting a nice straight line of fringe. I recently bought these Fiskers Scissors and they are amazing! I love that they are at a different angle, it really helps for cutting the fringe on the table.

Branch or Hoop

For many of my wall hangings, I have used branches from our yard. We have cleaned them up, let them dry out and then sanded them down. In some cases we have even used Linseed Oil to help protect the branch and to add a little bit of coloring.

Gold Hoops are very inexpensive at Joann Fabrics, especially with their weekly coupon. You can find a variety of sizes also.

Painters Tape

As a Beginner Macrame Artist it can be a little of out of our budget to purchase clothing racks and s-hooks, or make stands to hold our pieces while working on them. What I have found that works for me on a budget is hanging my piece on a nail and then using painters tape to help hold the piece still while I tie my knots on the branch. I would recommend a gentle clean release painters tape that won’t mess up any painted walls.


Try a wire pet brush (not used on your pet of course) or a small tooth comb for gently brushing out fringe.

My Macrame Wish List

Of course there are some items I’m saving for and I thought I would share those with you too.

Clothing Rack

A clothing rack would allow me to move my work around the house where my kids are playing while I work, plus this would be so great for markets!

**Update** I have purchased this clothing rack for working on projects and taking to markets. It’s very inexpensive has a couple of shelves to add extra items and it extremely lightweight. I keep it up in my studio space all the time and it holds my printer (It’s heavy I have this brother printer and it’s great for printing shipping labels) and my shipping supplies.


Great for giving products a professional look as well as making hanging a breeze for the buyer.

**Update** I have purchased both of these types of rings and they are so great!! The metal rings are very sturdy and are perfect for plant hangers. I use the wooden rings to make the centers of my snowflakes.


Right now I use my regular iron to steam block my products. That can be a little awkward with wall hangings.

**Update** I did purchase this steamer and it is oh so amazing!! I make macrame earrings now and this steamer can sit on my desk while I get all of the fringe straighten. It heats quickly and puts out a lot of steam right away.

What are some of your favorite must haves for macrame projects let me know in the comments. Happy Knotting 🙂


  • Julie

    Thank you so much for this wonderful beginners list! I am just venturing into macrame and your list has been a huge help. I especially liked the fiskars angled scissors! Thanks again😀

    • TheJonesyCo

      I’m so glad that you found it helpful! Let me know if I can help with anything else. I love those scissors! They help me a lot to keep my edges straight 🙂

  • Sarah

    Why do you need a steamer for macrame? I am new to it and googled for some answers to some questions but aren’t having much luck. Mostly with the steaming part. I know you steam it to get rid of wrinkles but is there any other reason to steam macrame?

    • TheJonesyCo

      The steamer helps to relax the fibers and lay nicely.
      It’s the last step for me when I’m making earrings. The fringe for earrings gets all wonky looking after being cut and the steamer relaxes the fibers and then they lay the way I want them too.
      It’s not a must item, that’s why I have in the wish list section. It really depends on the type of macrame you are working on.

  • Donna

    Love your work and thank you for all our tips. I would love to see the pattern with the mason jar…so adorable!!
    Thank you

  • Keri

    This is so good, thank you. The wall hanging that has a long rope at the top hanging from two points is really lovely. Do you do the pattern for this?

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