About Me

Hello and Welcome to my virtual maker space!

I’m Sarah, the maker and designer behind The Jonesy Co. I strive at creating designs that are functional and also add beauty to you and your home.

My maker journey started a long, long time ago in a small town in Indiana. I started by selling pictures that I had colored to the customers at my grandpa’s gas station. My best friends and I would create little books and sell them to the people that drove by our houses, lemonade stand style (most of the profits came from our parents and grandparents). I’m a 90s girl so of course when bead animals were all the rage I made those to sell to my friends that didn’t know how.

When I was about 8 my stepmom taught me how some Macrame knots and I learned to crochet from a family friend when I was in middle school. I took a class in practical arts where I fell in love with weaving. I quickly forgot that I had these skills until I was a stay at home mom trying to make handmade and thoughtful gifts for our family. I settled on crochet for awhile and that little hobby turned into The Blue Loft, which opened in Dec. 2012.

After going through many seasons of life in a short period of time, I decided the shop needed to be refreshed with a new name ….

Say Hello to The Jonesy Co.

I’m fasinated by fiber arts so you’ll find a range of items and patterns here. Check back as you never know what will be added.

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