Free Crochet Coaster Pattern, Daisy Coasters

Free Crochet Coaster Pattern, Daisy Coasters

I'm so over winter, so in my attempt to make my home feel more like spring I made these awesome Bohemian style crochet coasters and I love them!! So in an attempt to help others add spring their homes, I'm giving the pattern for my Daisy Coasters. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Do you get on kicks where you like to make a bunch of designs for a similar item? Boy do I ever do that! Whenever I finish a scarf design and it turns out just the way I want it to, then my brain thinks ok that's it I'm exclusively a scarf designer and I must make all the scarf ideas bouncing around in my brain. So this not a scarf kick.... it's coasters. I love coasters!! Not only do they serve a great purpose, but they are also so cute under my coffee cups! Bonus with little kids, soft coasters are practically a must.


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 Free crochet coaster pattern

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So I like fringe and tassels and the complete boho style, but I wanted something that was a little faster and more forgiving. What I mean by that is, I like when my fringe is all the same length, and it bothers me if it's not. So fringe in a circle would be insane for a quick design. So I thought how about fun crochet loops rather than fringe. Then I know right away that they are all the right size. No worries! Also the loops look like the petals of a flower... and so now we have daisy coasters!!

Notes about the Pattern

The construction of this pattern is very easy. You will make one circle fasten off and then slip stitch around the back of each Triple Crochet and chain to create the loops.  I have tried this pattern out with three different types of yarn.  


Peaches and Cream is a worsted weight cotton yarn that is very easy to care for since it is machine wash and dryable. With Peaches & Creme as well as many other kitchen cottons you will have an almost endless amount of color options. I'm using Ocean Coral for this pattern. 

With this yarn I recommend using an H hook, the finished size is just over 6", and you will need approximately 20g of a kitchen cotton type of yarn.

Bernat Home Maker Dec is actually what I started working with first for this pattern. I love love love Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn. The feel and construction of this yarn is so unique. A tubular chainette construction that surrounds a cotton center. It is squishy and absorbant, perfection for a coaster. I hope it is never discontinued.

For this yarn I used a K 6.50 mm Hook and the measurement was also just over 6" in diameter. You will need approximately 30g of Bernat Maker Home Dec.

The final yarn I tried was without a doubt my favorite. It has that maximalism feel. That completely over the top unnecessary, but I absolutely love it feel. I have been wanting to try Wool and the Gang yarn for a long time, but I haven't been at a point where I could splurge on it. So when I was at Joann's and found some Cotton XL on clearance I had to get it!! I found a bunch of balls of yarn all tangled together, I bought them anyway.... it was the perfect color and everything!! Ahhh must buy, I can untangle yarn.



The Daisy Coasters in the super bulky Cotton XL Yarn measure 8" in diameter and require a K, 6.5mm hook and approximately 40g of yarn.


Stitches & Techniques

CH - Chain
SL ST - Slip Stitch
TC - Triple Crochet
YO - Yarn Over



Yarn, scissors, crochet hook, crochet coaster


You'll need the following to create the coasters in The Cotton XL yarn.

To make these crochet coasters in the other types of yarns see the comments regarding amount of yarn needed and hook size.


40 grams of Wool and the Gang Cotton XL
K 6.5mm Hook
Tapestry Needle


Let's Begin

You will create the center circle and fasten off. Then you will turn the coaster over and fasten the yarn to the back of the coaster. You will be working a slip stitch around the wrong side of a triple crochet and then creating a long chain. You will then fasten the chain to the same triple crochet creating the loop. I have a photo tutorial below. Please note the beginning CH. 3 doesn't count as a stitch.


Create a Magic Circle

CH 3, TC 14, Join into the top of the first TC - 14 TC



CH. 3, 2 TC Into each stitch around

Join into the top of the first TC - 28 TC



TURN the Coaster over. You will be working on the wrong side of the coaster for the rest of the pattern.

CH. 1, Slip stitch in two of the back bars. See the photo below.


shows where to slip stitch into the back bars of the TC


Chain 12. Slip stitch into the same bars again. 

Continue this around the coaster for every TC. You will have 28 loops.


Fasten off and weave in ends.


I used my iron to steam block my coasters and they turned out perfect! Where you would place these in your home?

Crochet coasters on a table with a plant

I would love to see your completed crochet coasters tag me on Instagram @thejonesyco

Happy Hooking -- Sarah

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